How Roasteen transformed its Shopify sales channel with the iCart cross-sale app

How Roasteen transformed its Shopify sales channel with the iCart cross-sale app

How Roasteen transformed its Shopify sales channel with the iCart cross-sale app

Roasteen, a coffee vendor that only recently started to sell on Shopify, installed the iCart cross-selling app and saw its monthly revenue grow almost 30%. Read this story and learn how Roasteen made it possible!

Meet Roasteen!

Roasteen is a small yet ambitious coffee shop that has just begun to explore Shopify as another sales channel. It offers green and roasted coffee beans and imports top brands from the best exporters around the globe — including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Hawaii, Kenya, and many more.

The founder of Roasteen, Amanda, told us that by using Shopify for promotion, she hopes to grow her tiny shop into a well-known international franchise and eventually start selling coffee beans all over the world.

Challenge: too few orders

As soon as Amanda launched Roasteen on Shopify, she unearthed some serious issues: visitors weren’t ordering enough coffee beans. Monthly revenues were low and didn’t allow Roasteen to reach breakeven. Amanda’s dream of evolving into a global franchise seemed as unattainable as ever.

Amanda knew that she needed to optimize her online store. Since this is a complex and multi-step process, she decided to add one feature at a time — this way, she would understand exactly which action brought what results.

That’s how she installed a cross-sale plug-in. After an exhaustive research of available market options, Roasteen joined forces with iCart — an easy-to-embed cross-selling application provided by our partners.

Q. What is a ‘cross-sale app’?
A. A cross-sale application allows online stores to implement cross-selling and upselling marketing techniques to make customers spend more money. These apps display a selection of complementary items to visitors of an online store in order to encourage them to add more goods to their carts.

The complementary goods can be sourced from the store’s own selection or, alternatively, from other stores that share their assortment with other sellers. This type of partnership is called cross-store selling.

Solution: install iCart!

Having installed the iCart app for cross-sales, Roasteen happily reported that in 4 weeks after introducing the new plug-in, the company’s sales grew 28.3%.

What made it possible? The iCart code inserted a block of ‘Recommended items’ full of partners’ products within the checkout flow. So when customers started to finalize their orders, they saw complementary items that went well with Roasteen’s coffee beans and decided to buy them along with the initial purchase.


Here is the list of cross-selling products that Amanda added as recommended items with the help of iCart:

  • Printed coffee mugs
  • Kitchen storage containers
  • Coffee grinders
  • Eco-friendly metal straws
  • Homemade sweets and biscuits, etc.

Each item in the list enhances the experience of coffee lovers and highlights the value of green and/or roasted beans. That’s why Roasteen’s customers were more open to buying them.

Q. How can online store owners install a cross-selling app?
A. If an online store is launched on Shopify, its owner can explore cross-selling apps on the app store. Usually, they are installed with a single click and immediately start displaying recommended items to visitors. The only thing a store owner needs to do in advance is to set up bundles of cross-selling items. For online shops based on other ecommerce platforms, we would recommend checking corresponding app stores (for example, Appexchange for Salesforce).

Final thoughts

Would you like to boost your store’s revenue and KPIs with a simple solution that integrates into your website seamlessly? Don’t worry, it’s more than possible — just install the iCart app for cross-sales!

iCart is our long-trusted partner, so we know that you can count on it. Combined with Collabica’s pre-collected catalogs of complementary items, iCart can truly enhance an online store’s income.

After introducing iCart, Roasteen’s monthly revenue saw an almost 30% raise. Now, it’s your turn. Let’s see how much your KPIs can increase!

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